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Welp, looks like there's a spam server out there now. Faaantastic. .net

Welp, looks like there's a spam server out there now. Faaantastic. .net

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For these few short days each year, I get to pretend I'm the sort of person who is up & productive before the crack of dawn. ☕

Especially since I'm on my own instance - I rely heavily on relays to join the fediverse and have people to interact with. xD

I'm all for porn, just properly tagged/CW'd. I don't want that shit popping up while I'm at work. >.>

Added my first porn : humblr.social -- Too many accounts with explicit profile pictures. At least they were CW-ing their uploads.

So far, I've been pretty impressed with how often I'm seeing posts properly marked NSFW..

And then there's the dick profile pic.

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So I'm still going through all of my art to move over from Tumblr, and I'm realizing I don't like much of it. Here's some Undertale stuff I kinda like but is still really messy... I named Frisk "Jiok" on my first playthrough because of course I did.

#mastoart #creative #art #fanart #undertale #frisk #toriel #sans #papyrus #undyne

Seriously, are we not doing phrasing anymore?
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What’s better in a fight, supersonic speed or a vast knowledge of pipes?

Like for Sonic, RT for Mario.

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Stardew Valley 1.3 (Multiplayer) Update will go live on Nintendo Switch this Wednesday, December 12th! More Details here: stardewvalley.net/stardew-vall

Can't play Smash at work, so instead I'm just listening to music.

Looks like a lot of people are moving from Tumblr to Mastodon. Apparently my foray into Masto a few months ago is about to get very....... interesting.

Actual time 1:48, still in absolute shock. This was a 2v2 seed though, so I really need more practice.

If I can keep this kind of time up though, I'm actually at a competitive level.

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