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Well, at least I learned how to do silverless Ganon.

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I want an Utena fighting game. Granted, I'd rather be something more like Punch Out, Infinity Blade, Red Steel 2, etc. than Soul Calibur.

Why the fuck did we let morning people set the world's operating schedule

This is sooo cooool
2019 hive shares are now open!
Sponsor your own hive of honeybees, and reap the sweet rewards with honey from your hive mailed direct to you! Help us keep bees and support our native prairie restoration project and native bees too!

Twelve minutes until new product! Excitement!

The new 'Am I a Girl' album by is pretty wonderful.

Saw this about 4 hours ago and I’ve not stopped laughing since.

Also, this is freakin' cool :L
Hey twitter, long time no see.

I wrote an article about the digital typewriter prototype I made a few months ago.

Jesus, this glitch is wonderful.
Temple of Time to Ha Dahamar Shrine. (Uses a 1 Stamella Shroom meal)

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I wrote a small write-up about the e-ink computer/digital typewriter I made 4 months ago.

Take like five or ten percent of the time you'll spend playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and spend that amount of time also looking into and supporting game unionization. You could be part of changing people's lives and keeping the industry alive

Down the aisle we go,
Our favorite place to be,
It’s not delivery though,
What is it that we see,
What rhymes with DiGiorno,
This isn’t a poem now,
Even if we keep ending,
Each thought with a comma,
While we’re here though,
We hope you have an amazing,

I wasn’t ready to laugh this hard

Didn't get accepted for hosting for AGDQ, but the feedback for the issues I had are all fixable. I'll get there next time! :3

I'm going to Bethesda, MD in January, apparently! See everyone at

Hey @TinyBeansKids! How many more of these insurance emails are you going to send me?!

I kill myself. A (republican) Facebook Friend posted "Republicans are spineless" and I replied "I was thinking the same thing." I've been giggling for a while now.

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